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Network Audit

Altea is developping since more than 20 years a very good experience in the network debugging domain. We are proud to work with number ones network debugging companies like Network Instruments, NetOptics or Allot to resolve network problems. These strong and efficient partnerships enable us to work on very specific network projects all around the world. If you need any kind of hardware or software to collect and analyse data on your network, we provide it with no cost to find quickly and resolve quickly your problems. We are able to analyse / tap / sniff / capture any kind of trafic link from Ethernet 10/100/1000/10G to WAN Frame-Relay, MPLS, ATM, etc.


Security Audit

If you need to perform security audits on a regular basis or if you just want to have an external point of view of your IT infrastructure security, Altea can perform for you those audits and helps pinpoint security problems that you may be unaware of. We are covering all following points: Intrusion detection and prevention (both internal and external) External penetration tests with and/or without a network knowledge Internal penetration tests with and/or without a network knowledge (as well as with and/or without an administrator account in the domain) Vulnerability management and exploits related to them Updates, network and security patches management.



Due to our deep knowledge of multiple products in the industry we are the selected integrator for multiple partners. We are able to deploy, configure, customize, train on all our partners products.

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